Patrick Weaver


Lost NYC


Lost NYC is a map of places in New York City that have closed or been shut down. These are the places that people miss, the places that made NYC vibrant and unique. The site is powered by all New Yorkers so please add places you remember, and write your memories of them to share!

Why this matters:

NYC is losing it's treasured places at an alarming rate. There is lots of talk about a "vacancy crisis", but vacancy is caused by spaces closing, losing their leases, or being priced out.

In November 2019 Council Member Stephen Levin introduced a bill to create Commercial Rent Stabilization. This map is evidence that we need to pass this bill and stop the cultural displacement that NYC is experiencing.

How Can I Help?

Call your Council Member and ask them to "Pass #FairRentNYC Commercial Rent Stabilization Bill #1796." Calling lets them know that this is important to people in every neighborhood, and that the city needs this bill.