Patrick Weaver


This website can host a bookmarklet in the URL, which is handy for situations when you want to share a small code snippet to run locally.

The links are long, but they store the entire source code for the bookmarklet. For example, this link stores a bookmarklet, which after clicking it will wait a randomly generated period of time between 30 seconds and 5 minutes, then clear the screen of the website and replace it with a randomly generated background color:*%2016)%5D%2C%22%23%22)*%20(4.5%20*%2060))%20%2B%2030)%20*%201000)%7D&description=A%20bookmarklet%20that%20clears%20the%20page%20with%20the%20message,%20%22Goodbye%22%20at%20a%20randomly%20generated%20time%20between%2030%20seconds%20and%205%20minutes%20in%20the%20future.