Patrick Weaver


11/12/20: Remixable Jeopardy App with Historical Games

I found a Jeopardy app on Glitch, and remixed it to make the CSS look closer to the real board. When I shared it on Twitter someone sent me an API they had made with all of the historical Jeopardy games, so I added a way to query their API and now you can play any game live in the app!

Here's a game from Jan 3, 2000:

A screenshot of the default game in the app

8/26/20: Hourly Rate Calculator

A screenshot of the Hourly Rate Calculator app that reads: 💸 You are a freelancer. As an employee you would want to earn a salary of $100,000 dollars per year. 💰 You will need to pay $500 a month and $5,000 a year for tools, services, and software you need to do your job. 💻 Your health insurance will cost $1,200 a month.🏥 To hit the eqiuvalent of your desired salary and accounting for self-employment taxes (in the U.S.) you'll need to earn $142,050 a year.🏦 You will want to take 4 weeks of vacation, 10 holidays, and allow for 13 sick days. You will work 220 days a year.📆 You will work 8 hours a day, but 2 of those hours will go towards sustaining your business and not client work. You want to do 20 hours of pro-bono work a month. You will have 1,080 billable hours a year.⏳ You should charge at least $132 an hour.

I made an explorable calculator that helps feelancers determine what hourly rate to charge using Account.

7/14/20: Collaborative Cat Drawing App

A screenshot of the app with a countdown and a picture of a cat.

I made an app that lets you quickly draw a random cat with friends in other places!